1939 - Treaty between the German Empire (Deutsches Reich) and the Republic of Lithuania on the Citizenship of the Residents of the Memel Territories (Klaipėda region) (from 1945-1990: West Germany)

Policy Field: 
Naturalisation & Citizenship
Major Implications of the Reform: 
  • The treaty provided that citizens of Lithuania who were ethnic Germans, former German citizens, or descendants of a German citizen acquired German nationality on 22 March 1939 and lost their Lithuanian citizenship. Ethnic Lithuanians who left the Memel territories before the signing of the treaty and moved to Lithuania were not affected by the treaty.
  • Ethnic Lithuanians who acquired German citizenship under the rules described in the previous paragraph, as well as their wives and minor children, had the option to re-acquire Lithuanian citizenship by declaration until 31 December 1939. This would entail the loss of German citizenship.