2014 - Law on the amendment of the Law on Active Social Policies, the Law on State Education Grants, the Law on Child Allowances and the Advance Payment of Child Allowances, and other laws (Law 894 of 4 July 2013)

Policy Field: 
Family & Children
Family Allowances
Major Implications of the Reform: 

Providers for a child under 18 who participate in educational training approved as eligible according to the law on state educational grants can apply for the supplementary child benefit during periods of participation in work placement with salary or work placement grant. This is granted to single providers receiving the special child benefit and providers cohabitating with a partner in educational training, under conditions specified in § 23 of the act on active social policy. One supplementary child benefit is granted, irrespective of the number of children. The supplementary child benefit cannot be granted in periods in which the applicant receives the special child benefit under conditions specified in § 10 c (LBK 856 of 23 August 2012) or receives a state educational grant.