1880 - Elementary Education Act 1880

Policy Field: 
Compulsory Schooling
Major Implications of the Reform: 

The Education Act 1880 made further provisions for elementary education, making elementary schooling compulsory until the age of 10. Under the act, a person shall not take into his employment any child who: is under the age of ten; being between the ages of ten and 13, has not obtained such certificate either of his or her proficiency in reading, writing, and elementary arithmetic, or of previous due attendance at a certified efficient school. Every person who takes a child into his employment in contravention of this act shall be liable to a penalty. The parent of any child who is unable by reason of poverty to pay the ordinary fee for public elementary schooling, or any part of such fee, may apply to the guardians having jurisdiction in the parish in which he resides; and it shall be the duty of such guardians, if satisfied of such inability, to pay the said fee or part thereof.