2010 - Basic Schools and Upper Secondary Schools Act

Policy Field: 
Compulsory Schooling
Major Implications of the Reform: 

The Basic Schools and Upper Secondary Schools Act, approved in June 2010, is part of the major quality-oriented reform package which included the approval of the new national basic school and upper secondary school curriculum, the restructuring of upper secondary schools as separate entities (from basic schools) with different educational aims and quality criteria (e.g. introducing wider choices for students, agreeing on minimum standards for the learning environment, etc.), and the provision of wider support services for all students (counselling and guidance services). In 2013, the Riigikogu (Parliament) adopted amendments to the Basic Schools and Upper Secondary Schools Act. The aim of the amendments was to improve the quality and attractiveness of general education and to prevent and reduce the school drop-out rate. Among others, state-supported gymnasiums will be established in each county, which allows the concentration of local governments' educational expenditures on basic schools.