1932 - Act on Divorce (1932)

Policy Field: 
Family & Children
Major Implications of the Reform: 

This act followed the guidelines set out by Article 43 of the Spanish Republican Constitution 1931: "Marriage is based upon equality of rights for both sexes and can be dissolved by mutual consent, or upon the petition of any of both spouses pleading the existence of a ground." After two years had elapsed after the marriage, mutual consent divorce could be requested by both spouses. The reform also stipulated unilateral request if there were established fault grounds for a divorce (including both familiar reasons, i.e. adultery, bigamy, abandonment of family and desertion, as well as others: inducing your wife and/or daughters to prostitution; having contracted a sexually-transmitted disease during marriage or before, if it was concealed from the spouse; being sentenced to imprisonment for more than ten years). The law also retained separation as an alternative way out of a marriage breakdown.