2010 - Act to Amend the Social Service Act, […] and repeal of the preventive Home Visit Act (a reduction of the bureaucracy surrounding services for the elderly and people with disabilities) (Law No. 629 in 2010).

Policy Field: 
Long-term Care
Major Implications of the Reform: 

The aim of the law was to cut red tape on the elderly area, disabled, etc. The act contains the following main elements: Simplification of home training and special day care, simplification of the rules for the approval of private housing, new demands on preventive home visits, simpler rules for visitation with respect to decisions on practical help, personal care, training, etc., simpler rules for supervision to the elderly, the municipal councils are given the discretion to choose whether they will charge for temporary home care, and whether they want to create users and relatives councils, simplify the elderly councils, and abolish the complaints councils. The municipal councils were permitted to offer at least one preventive home visit to all citizens 75 years and older living in the municipality.