1996 - Act of 2 February 1996 (No. 24, Item 110) on an Amendment to an Act on the Labour Code, and to Some Other Acts

Policy Field: 
Family & Children
Leave Schemes for Parents
Major Implications of the Reform: 

The parental leave could be taken by the mother and father on the same basis (previously fathers could apply for parental leave only if the mother was not able to care for a child or she declined to take the parental leave; from now on both mother and father could take up to three years of parental leave, but they could not take it at the same time). Both mother and father could receive the parental benefit while on parental leave.** The entire amount of parental leave per child (taken by both mother and father) could not exceed the time defined before. The additional two days of leave introduced in the Labour Code of 1974 could be now taken either by the mother or father (before only single fathers could apply for additional days of leave). Although they could not take the two days of leave at the same time (this meant that parents now parents had four days of leave in the case of a child’s sickness - two for the mother and two for the father).