2012 - Act from 2 April 2009 on Polish citizenship

Policy Field: 
Naturalisation & Citizenship
Major Implications of the Reform: 

The Polish President may grant Polish citizenship to any foreigner, regardless of how long they have stayed in Poland. The new law will permit the President to grant citizenship to those who have lived in Poland for less than five years, or have not even lived there at all. This new law also moves away from renouncing foreign citizenship to apply for Polish citizenship. It extended recognition of citizenship to all foreigners who: reside in Poland for at least three years on the basis of  permanent residence permit, have a regular income and legal title to a dwelling, and know the Polish language. A language test may be administered to check for linguistic fluency. Polish citizenship may apply to any foreigner who resides in Poland over the long term, integrates into the society, knows the Polish language, has housing, respects Polish law, and does not pose a threat to the national security. Polish citizenship can also be acquired on the basis of specific authorisation, refugees, stateless persons, children and spouses of Polish citizens and persons of Polish origin. Also new is the introduction of a standard form certificate for the recognition of Polish citizenship, granted by the Minister of Interior. The decision on the recognition of a foreigner as a Polish citizen will depend on the government. Furthermore, foreigners unhappy with the decision may appeal to the Minister of the Interior.