1974 - Act (1973:473) to amend the national insurance act (1962:381)

Policy Field: 
Family & Children
Leave Schemes for Parents
Major Implications of the Reform: 

Maternal insurance becomes parental insurance. The first month following delivery is still, however, reserved for the mother. Fathers gain conditional rights to parental insurance benefits. The condition is intended to ensure that the mother works while the father claims parental benefits, and is not in reality at home, still acting as the main caregiver. Parental insurance benefit covers 90 % of the mother's/father's income and lowest-level benefit (sickness benefit level) is set to 25 SEK/day. Temporary parental insurance, in order for parents to care for a sick child, is introduced (10 days per family and year). If an adopted child is younger than nine months of age when arriving in Sweden, the entitlement is the same as for biological parents, until the child turns nine months. If the child is older than nine months but younger than ten years, the adoptive parents are entitled to 20 days of parental insurance benefits around the time the child arrives.