1964 - Act of 14 November 1963, amending the law on Dutch citizenship and residency in connection with marriage

Policy Field: 
Naturalisation & Citizenship
Major Implications of the Reform: 
  • The law changed the nationality rules for women: A foreign woman who married a Dutch citizen could no longer automatically acquire the Dutch citizenship. She could however opt for the Dutch citizenship by making a declaration to that effect.
  • Women also did not automatically acquire the Dutch citizenship anymore if their husbands were naturalised.
  • Women who had previously lost their Dutch citizenship by marrying a foreigner or stateless person before 1964 were given the right to re-acquire the Dutch citizenship. This had to be done via simple declaration during a transitory period of one year. Two conditions were attached: these women still had to be married and must not have acquired another citizenship voluntarily. After the transitional period, married women could re-acquire their Dutch citizenship after living in the Netherlands for one year.