Civic engagement: consultation on rule-making


Consultation on rule-making: The indicator is a weighted average of yes/no answers to various questions on the existence of law consultation by citizens, of formal procedures enabling general public to impact regulation and governmental actions. The indicator describes the extent to which formal consultation processes are built in at key stages of the design of regulatory proposals, and what mechanisms exist for the outcome of that consultation to influence the preparation of draft primary laws and subordinate regulations. This indicator has been computed based on responses to the OECD’s survey of regulatory management systems, where respondents were government officials in OECD countries. The indicator is based on questions about the existence of formal procedures enabling general public, business and civil society organisations to impact regulation and governmental actions, and on whether citizens’ views on such consultation procedures are made public. See (source: OECD).

Years Covered: 
2013 to 2016
More information can be found in the OECD Better Life Index section: Index data for 2011 available in Index data for 2012 available in